DieselGate, all the mistakes by Volkswagen PR team

“It takes a whole life to build a reputation. It takes a moment to destroy it”. The concise comment by Gianni Puglisi, IULM’s dean, summarizes perfectly the media storm fallen on the automotive industry Volkswagen, accused by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of having adulterated data regarding its diesel cars’ emissions . DieselGate, as […]

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Crisis Communication & Social Media

The case of the too skinny mannequins used by the lingerie leader LA PERLA in its shops, charged of encouraging a wrong role model, or the statement related to same-sex families in advertising campaigns released by Barilla’s President Guido Barilla, as well as the promotional campaign launched by FIAT for the Women’s day and accused of […]

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How can you handle a social media crisis?

The strategy of American Airlines regarding a viral tweet shows how companies can successfully handle a crisis on social media In the age of social media, the possibility of a customer complaint going viral could profoundly harm a company’s reputation. Many saw businessman Hasan Syed’s promoted tweet that complained about British Airways. “Don’t fly @BritishAirways. […]

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