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Online War Room™

This tool was developed by our American partner agency GroundFloorMedia in order to simulate sensitive, and often emotional conversations that can potentially put a company under attack in a matter of seconds via online news stories and social networks.

The Online War Room™ is an online, secure and proprietary tool that allows our team to create customized scenarios and training sessions that mimic online crisis and issues management situations, in real time, across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere

Sound PR provides consulting in order to train the staff of the company to manage critical conversations and potential crisis situations on social media.
When can it be useful?

      • Clients who want to train their social media staff or educate their executives about their social media properties and “voice”
      • Clients entering the social media space, who lack an established response plan but have the desire to develop one
      • Clients who have a response plan but want to test and refine it
      • Clients who have known issues on the horizon that they want to prepare for

The platform was developed by Ground Floor Media in the USA, partner of Sound PR and member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN).