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From Public Relations to People Relations. In a cultural and technological context where people are growing into consum’actors and therefore becoming more selective, demanding and savvy, the web is filled more and more every day with opinions, comments, reviews, critiques and forums.

Sound PR guides you in the listening of this dynamic and ever-more real-time flow of conversations and helps you initiate a direct dialog between your brand and products and your audiences.

Correct information management needs to take into consideration a Crisis Management plan that includes social media. In case of a crisis it is necessary to give a response to users through the company’s social media profiles. Sound Public Relations avails itself of an exclusive tool, the Online War Room, in order to stimulate sensitive, and often emotional conversations that can potentially put a company under attack in a matter of seconds via online stories and social networks.

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        • Blogger Relations
        • Social Profiles Management: Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, etc
        • Web Reputation
        • Social Media Press Releases
        • Optimization of contents for the web
        • Online Newsrooms
            • Social Media Analysis
            • Social Media Strategy
            • Social Media Engagement
            • Online War Room

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