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The company, leader in the production of high quality kitchens, chooses Sound PR for media relations.

WARENDORF, German company leader in the production of high quality and innovative design kitchens, has chosen Sound PR as strategic partner for its media relations and press office activities in Italy.

In 2010 WARENDORF replaced the well-known brand Miele DIE KUCHE, which started its activity in 1973 in its Warendorf base in Germany. Through the years it has stood out for combining technological cutting edge products with a modern and refined style, thus becoming a forerunner of the new kitchen-living culture. Today WARENDORF label is a byword for made in Germany futurism and novelty, meaning reliability, quality and leadership in the field of innovation.

“Quality without compromise, functionality and innovation are the keywords that characterize our products all along. Our unique proposals consist in ad hoc projects – thought for every single customer’s needs- and in products designed following the changing customers’ style and tastes”, states Pierangelo Chiocchi – WARENDORF Italy Sales Manager. “A basic asset for the success of our business lies in communicating the features of our products and our brand value in a cool and dynamic way. Therefore, we have chosen Sound PR, being sure that it will be able to communicate effectively our products, which are positioned in an excellence segment and have an even more definite connotation for futurism and innovation”.

“The furniture market is constantly changing, while today design is more and more eco-friendly, flexible, functional and communicative”, says Alessandra Malvermi, Sound PR Managing Partner. “We are thus proud of working together with a company like WARENDORF, which has 35 years experience in the field but still stands out for a visionary concept of design that emphasises a living space with a strong personality”.