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Tigex, a multi-specialty brand leader in the baby care market, has chosen Sound PR as strategic partner for its media and digital relations in Italy.

The company was founded in 1949 in France by the Allègre family, originally specialising in the distribution of parapharmaceutical products such as plasters, feeding bottles and cotton applicators. In the following decade, thanks to the post-war baby-boom and the momentum in the retailing sector, the baby care market develops considerably: at the same time, the Allègre start feeling the need for a specialized range of products.

Tigex has been launched in 1965, capturing the baby care market with a wide range of products, designed both for mothers and for their children.

Sound PR will run media relations and digital PR for Tigex and,will develop activities aimed at spreading and improving the awareness of the French company whose medium-run communication strategy integrates traditional communication with the new Web 2.0 channels.

 “The baby care market addresses more and more informed and conscious parents, which pay attention both to their children’s needs and to money saving, without however renouncing quality. Tigex stands out for its values, which put at the first place children’s health and safety but don’t disregard their parents’ needs. For our communication in Italy we were looking for a Partner who shared our values and could communicate the passion, the liveliness and the love peculiar to our products. We therefore trusted Sound PR, since we are certain that its staff will satisfy all our needs”, says Franck Ferrua, Tigex Brand Manager.

“We are delighted to work with a company like Tigex, with which we share the main values. This collaboration will give us the opportunity to grow together in a dynamic, challenging and constantly developing market”, states Alessandra Malvermi, Sound PR Managing Partner.