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Nov 23 2015

2015 SMaASH 2.0™ Study Reveals Social Media Opportunities & Mistakes of North American Automotive Suppliers

While North America’s top automotive OEM suppliers have made solid progress in the use of social media, many are still making critical mistakes that [...]

Feb 27 2015

Social is the message

Showing an enviable vision, at the half of the last century the Canadian sociologist Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), keen scholar of media and of their [...]

Feb 17 2015

#IoLeggoPerche: words are an open window on the world

Words are the key to convey messages and values, especially for people like me, who work in communication. Reading is definitely a vital means [...]

Jan 23 2015

Crisis Communication & Social Media

The case of the too skinny mannequins used by the lingerie leader LA PERLA in its shops, charged of encouraging a wrong role model, [...]

Oct 09 2014

Customer retention golden rule: give loyalty to get loyalty

While surfing the Web today, I’ve come across a blog article which title has caught my attention: “How to use The Lock In Effect”.

The [...]

Oct 02 2014

(Italiano) “Italy in a day”: con il social movie siamo tutti… protagonisti.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian[...]