There are experiences that are worth to be lived at least once in a life. One of these is the The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, one of the most famous and yearned trail running race in Italy and abroad. I took part to this important event, which brings together participants from all over the world, as a Sound PR correspondent accompanying three special guests, our fellow bloggers that followed the race in real time and enjoyed the side activities organized by The North Face.


The web increasingly orients itself towards an information sharing that leverages the power of emotions into the content strategy using images and video to better tell a story. In this kind of narration, social media plays a vital role in creating a strong brand identity and sense of belonging among users .

Through the net, by adopting the right strategies, brands can conquer the hearts of people, build trust and loyalty and reach a wider but targeted audience.


With this goal in mind, Sound PR identified three ideal travel companions that were able to live this thrilling adventure in an exclusive way: Carlotta Montanera (, Manuela Vitulli (www and Sandro Siviero ( with whom we arranged to meet on the Dolomite mountains.


From June 23th to June 26th Cortina d’Ampezzo transforms itself from popular vacation resort into a meeting place for trail runners coming from all over the world that want to prove their abilities, trying to run the main race or her “sister ones”, shorter but not no less challenging: the Cortina Skyrace and the Cortina Trail.


The environment is truly exciting, in Cortina there is a festive atmosphere and, although all the runners are there to compete, there is no rivalry in the air. Many of them already know each other and meet again with great pleasure, while others tie new friendships. When the evening of the The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail arrives, the atmosphere becomes intense and the city lights up. The night stops are really exciting: you can feel that all the runners are not only making an athletic effort, but they are proving also their minds: it is impossible not to admire them! When we meet the same athletes the following morning, with tired legs and big smiles for us on their faces, our admiration transforms into true respect. In front of the finish line everyone rejoices in his/her own way, and we exult with them.


Now that this experience is gone I can say that I won’t forget those days in Cortina, and neither the intense organizational days that preceded them. The blogger group has been involved in many activities, with a special attention to the interests of each member. Carlotta took part as a runner to the Cortina Skyrace, proving her admirable athletics talent; Sandro showed a great technical equipment producing a funny and exciting video diary; while Manuela searched for the most evocative views for her pictures. This resulted in a very involving storytelling and interesting conversations, facilitated by the quantity of activities offered. Everyone has been very satisfied with this experience: the participants, the Sound PR team and the brand, that made it possible. Thanks to The North Face!

Special thanks to:

Carlotta Montanera

Sandro Siviero

Manuela Vitulli


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